park city… house hunting

We came correct… Mason and I flew in for soccer tryouts, she made the premier division 1 team! 

We saw 15 houses, made an offer on our first choice and now we are under contract! 

We ate at 510, had breakfast at Harvest, checked out Deer Valley, soaked in the sun in 80 degree heat, drank rosé, shopped on Main Street and had a blast with friends. 

So begins our next chapter, with amazing summers and some of the best skiing in North America. I’m spending the next few weeks packing up our home in Seattle, spending every day with my closest friends and making some killer memories with the kids! 

Here’s to taking risks, adventures and living life to the fullest! Cheers!


nurturing relationships

I use to wonder what it would have been like if I had only one child. This thought usually enters my mind when I’ve reached a level of exhaustion and I’m about to lose my cool with my kids, but then I’m quickly reminded that the reason I wanted to have three children was because of the unbelievable bond and nurturing that seems to naturally occur between siblings. They play together, laugh together and cry together. They are each others beginning and end. I feel really blessed every time I see them cuddling, building and creating together. I’m reminded of the amazing relationship I have with my brother… of the love we share, the uncontrollable laughter, the inside jokes that only we understand, the pillar of strength that we bring to one another.

matisse & maverick
mason & maverick

nothing better

looking for sand crabs
simply perfect
playing. content.
superhero powers
so beautiful
happiness abounds
boogie board master
hitting the waves
the unexpected
he was yelling: “I am Sparta!”

We went on a holiday for an entire month! No work. No computers. No blogging. Just family and kids, laughter and sun. I wish it would have never ended. Sometimes it takes something as simple as spending quality time with my brother and our kids to realize that I need to take a leap of faith and change my life, because my children deserve to feel this happy each and every day of their lives.

The Joy of Pastis


One of my favorite things to do is drink a pastis every afternoon. Sitting outside, watching the sunset, laughing with friends and enjoying the small, meaningful moments in life.


2 ounces pastis
Pitcher cold water
Ice cubes

Fill a glass pitcher or jug with very cold water. Pour a little pastis into an old-fashioned glass. Dilute the pastis with water — the usual ratio is five parts water to one part pastis. Start with equal parts water and pastis, sip the drink and add more water to suit your taste. If you’d like, add an ice cube after diluting with water.

not impressed

not impressed

we spent the weekend enjoying the fabulous weather… swimming in the pool, entertaining friends, checking out the Broad Appetite Food Festival and listening, a little shopping and live music, but i feel no matter how hard we try, these kids just not impressed! I think our little guy’s face above says it all. All kidding aside I think this has been one of the best weekends we’ve had in a long time. Would love to hear what you did this weekend?

today’s favorites:

  • morning mimosas
  • sleeping in
  • late night sitting by the fire
  • impromptu dinner party with friends
  • live music
  • napping by the pool with my little man
  • children’s laughter
  • gardening
  • ice cream and burgers
  • food festival
  • soft kisses
  • bottles and bottles of rosé
  • farmer’s market and cake pops
my two favorite guys enjoying a swim

farmer’s market and cake pops

it’s a rough life

beer anyone? @broadappetit food festival


picking, eating, sunshine and friends

Sometimes the best days are the unplanned ones. When you wake up and decide to go to a berry farm with a couple of friends and bunch of kids. Nothing says summer like the warm sun in your face, picking and eating berries straight off the bushes. Now what to do with all of these berries? I think their is a summer tart and fresh berry sorbet in my future.

Maverick and his two favorite girls
He likes to taste before he buys
What’s better than a wagon ride?
My little guy is always happy (when he’s eating)
We may have eaten more berries than picked them
Wow, that’s a flattering photo of me!
Working hard to fill his basket
Yummy Strawberries
Strawberry faces and baskets filled… the end to perfect day!

Happy Mother’s Day

My mom is an incredible human being. Every day I am reminded of her strength, love and unbelievable beauty. I strive every moment to be like my mother and to impart to my children the same wisdom, kindness and courage she has given me. I am so grateful to have been born into such a remarkable family with my mom always at the helm.

Wishing you all a very happy Mother’s Day!

on the eve…


It’s my birthday tomorrow (hold the applause). I’m not sure how I feel about it. It’s not the age, because I consider myself young and still in my prime (of what I have no idea). I’m not quite sure how to describe the way I feel. A little melancholy and fortunate at the same time. I don’t have anything planned for my birthday… no dinner, no party, no cake anywhere in sight, not seeing any friends, pretty sure my kids haven’t bought or made anything for me, but my husband did buy me an iPad Mini, which he gave to me yesterday. Not really what I expected. It’s like my iPhone just larger and now I have two of everything: email accounts, apps, photos, music and double the dinging! You know that annoying sound anytime anyone emails, texts, or mentions you on some social media outlet. Now that I’m writing about it I’m actually annoyed that he got me an iPad, because the last thing I needed was to be even more connected. Oh well, it could have been worse.

With my iphone in my back pocket, my iPad on my lap, I sit in front of my Mac typing on my keyboard… someone shoot me! I guess I’ll go downstairs and make the kids dinner, turn up some music, have a glass of wine, take a deep breath and feel really blessed.

Hope you guys have a great night!

by the by, thanks to my 3 1/2 year old son for the photo. he took about 100 of the exact same photo of the top of his head using my new iPad.