sticky grilled pork ribs




grilling with dad!


We think it’s quite convenient that Father’s Day comes at the peak of grilling season, because for many dads out there, Father’s Day wouldn’t be the same without a big, juicy piece of meat and his family gathered around the grill outside! Now, we know this isn’t true for everyone, but what dad could turn down a day spent cooking and eating with his loved ones? This week we are all about celebrating Dad with our favorite grilling recipes, tips for making the perfect burger and a DIY gift that the man of the hour is sure to love!


This recipe is very forgiving and loves substitutions, so add or subtract whatever you (or dad!) would like! It’s a great all-purpose rub that can be used on anything from beet and pork, to salmon and veggies!

2 tablespoons kosher salt || 2 tablespoons smoked paprika || 1 tablespoon cumin || 1 tablespoon granulated garlic || 1 tablespoon chili powder || 1 tablespoon brown sugar || 2 teaspoons freshly ground pepper || 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper || 1 teaspoon ground mustard || 1 teaspoon ground coriander

Mix everything together and place in a jar that can be sealed tight!

not impressed


not impressed

we spent the weekend enjoying the fabulous weather… swimming in the pool, entertaining friends, checking out the Broad Appetite Food Festival and listening, a little shopping and live music, but i feel no matter how hard we try, these kids just not impressed! I think our little guy’s face above says it all. All kidding aside I think this has been one of the best weekends we’ve had in a long time. Would love to hear what you did this weekend?

today’s favorites:

  • morning mimosas
  • sleeping in
  • late night sitting by the fire
  • impromptu dinner party with friends
  • live music
  • napping by the pool with my little man
  • children’s laughter
  • gardening
  • ice cream and burgers
  • food festival
  • soft kisses
  • bottles and bottles of rosé
  • farmer’s market and cake pops

my two favorite guys enjoying a swim


farmer’s market and cake pops


it’s a rough life


beer anyone? @broadappetit food festival


picking, eating, sunshine and friends

Sometimes the best days are the unplanned ones. When you wake up and decide to go to a berry farm with a couple of friends and bunch of kids. Nothing says summer like the warm sun in your face, picking and eating berries straight off the bushes. Now what to do with all of these berries? I think their is a summer tart and fresh berry sorbet in my future.


Maverick and his two favorite girls


He likes to taste before he buys


What’s better than a wagon ride?


My little guy is always happy (when he’s eating)


We may have eaten more berries than picked them

Wow, that’s a flattering photo of me!


Working hard to fill his basket


Yummy Strawberries


Strawberry faces and baskets filled… the end to perfect day!

Sometimes all you need is a {{hug}}


It’s definitely been one of those days… cold, freezing rain, cloudy skies and Dudley (our faithfully loving lab) really needing some love. Matisse to the rescue with some snuggle time on the floor and a couple of extra treats for her favorite dog. Other than that, it’s been a successful day on the DIY Project if you take into consideration that I have energetic three year old running lose, a business to run, a home that constantly needs mending and did I mention the kids get out of school at 2:00 p.m., which leaves me about six hours to fit some time in to work on my secret project. That being said, I put all of the furniture together (except the bed) and put two coats of primer on all the pieces that are going to be painted tomorrow (I hope)!

I hope you guys have had a wonderful start to you week! Please let me know what you’ve got going on this week as well.

Today’s Favorites:

  • freshly baked cakes shipped overnight by mother (she’s a saint)
  • fresh squeezed orange juice made from oranges from my brother’s citrus grove (also shipped overnight!)
  • playing defend the castle with the knights, horses and bows n’ arrows
  • using my juicer and making fresh green juice
  • afternoon coffee
  • tickle time with a certain little man
  • rain drops on the window panes

the simplest things

There have been so many wonderful moments these last few weeks that have really made me step back and appreciate all that we have. Not the materialistic possessions… not even the home that we live in, but each other. Our children, their health, their laughter, a single touch when our hands brush up against each other. Those are the moments that truly make you love every minute of your life, because if you don’t stop and look around and appreciate how special you are, how amazing it is that you are living this life, then you’re missing the point of what joy and gratitude really are all about.

My little girls are special, there’s no denying that they bring so much fun and warmth into my life, but there are instances when my little man and my husband are together that really are amazing. Like this morning when they secretly took photos of themselves for me to find. It really made my day. I can’t wait to see what else unfolds.