keepin’ it local: So Proud!!!

Custom Design RVA

I don’t like to talk about my husband too much on here, mainly because he doesn’t want to become part of my blog posts, so that everyone who reads it suddenly knows what’s going on in our personal life, but frankly… I don’t care!

So, if you can imagine, me, super excited like a six year old, jumping up and down, but I’m keeping it all inside… that’s exactly my state of mind right now. I am SO PROUD of my husband and all of his hard work these last few months getting his new little company off the ground (Custom Design RVA), but the most exciting bit of press thus far came through today in Richmond Magazine. They wrote a nice article about his great custom designed reclaimed wood furniture that he builds and how his tables and benches are now the focal point at Mekong Restaurant, which for all of you who have been under a rock for the last 24 hours, was just voted the Best Beer Bar in America for the second year in a row!

Ok that’s it! I just wanted to share (a tiny little bit) about my husband! So if you have time, head over and check out his website here and be sure to show him some love on Twitter and Facebook!


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