i got so wrapped in life i forgot to blog about it…

Well that’s probably the best excuse that I could ever have not to blog! I was just to damn busy living my life to bother to sit down and write about it. I think in an era where every step you make is tweeted about, every decision process is posted on your facebook and every photo you take is on instagram, it’s nice to think that I have spent the last few weeks actually living my life and being present in every moment rather than posting about it on my blog. I do have to admit that I actually love writing about my family, ideas, food, wine and travel… so, I need to find a happy medium that allows me to do both!

Anyway, I guess I should catch you up on what’s happened these last few weeks. All THREE kids are now in school! Did you hear that? ALL OF THEM! There is no more daycare or working from home for this lady. I have eagerly re-entered the world of adults. I went back to work (full-time) and I am loving every second of it. I actually have interesting, thought-provoking and funny things to say to other adults. Who knew? I thought I had lost my self-deprecating, witty sense of humor, but no, it’s still very much intact! Now the downside… because there always is one. The kids have had a hard time adjusting to the fact that I am back at work full-time and not available to volunteer at every school event, but transitions are difficult for all of us no matter what age and I know that as long as we stick to our routine and make an effort to spend individual time with each of our kids, things will eventually fall into place.

I have a lot of travel coming up now that I am back at work, which will give me the opportunity to write about more fabulous places to visit, eat and drink! I hope you all have had an amazing week and that you take the time to unplug and enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend. I will be back into full-swing blogging this coming week!

(Oh! and for all my Jewish friends… Hope you have had a wonderful new year, shana tova, and may this week’s fast during Yom Kippur be easy and quick!)


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