on the eve…


It’s my birthday tomorrow (hold the applause). I’m not sure how I feel about it. It’s not the age, because I consider myself young and still in my prime (of what I have no idea). I’m not quite sure how to describe the way I feel. A little melancholy and fortunate at the same time. I don’t have anything planned for my birthday… no dinner, no party, no cake anywhere in sight, not seeing any friends, pretty sure my kids haven’t bought or made anything for me, but my husband did buy me an iPad Mini, which he gave to me yesterday. Not really what I expected. It’s like my iPhone just larger and now I have two of everything: email accounts, apps, photos, music and double the dinging! You know that annoying sound anytime anyone emails, texts, or mentions you on some social media outlet. Now that I’m writing about it I’m actually annoyed that he got me an iPad, because the last thing I needed was to be even more connected. Oh well, it could have been worse.

With my iphone in my back pocket, my iPad on my lap, I sit in front of my Mac typing on my keyboard… someone shoot me! I guess I’ll go downstairs and make the kids dinner, turn up some music, have a glass of wine, take a deep breath and feel really blessed.

Hope you guys have a great night!

by the by, thanks to my 3 1/2 year old son for the photo. he took about 100 of the exact same photo of the top of his head using my new iPad.


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