and that’s all i have to say






Sometimes all you need is a {{hug}}


It’s definitely been one of those days… cold, freezing rain, cloudy skies and Dudley (our faithfully loving lab) really needing some love. Matisse to the rescue with some snuggle time on the floor and a couple of extra treats for her favorite dog. Other than that, it’s been a successful day on the DIY Project if you take into consideration that I have energetic three year old running lose, a business to run, a home that constantly needs mending and did I mention the kids get out of school at 2:00 p.m., which leaves me about six hours to fit some time in to work on my secret project. That being said, I put all of the furniture together (except the bed) and put two coats of primer on all the pieces that are going to be painted tomorrow (I hope)!

I hope you guys have had a wonderful start to you week! Please let me know what you’ve got going on this week as well.

Today’s Favorites:

  • freshly baked cakes shipped overnight by mother (she’s a saint)
  • fresh squeezed orange juice made from oranges from my brother’s citrus grove (also shipped overnight!)
  • playing defend the castle with the knights, horses and bows n’ arrows
  • using my juicer and making fresh green juice
  • afternoon coffee
  • tickle time with a certain little man
  • rain drops on the window panes

DIY: Secret Bedroom (Part 1)

I’ve been lagging behind on my posts as of late, but with good reason… my children keep passing their cold off to me, which has rendered me useless. Really more of a pathetic kind of useless (imagine a lot of whining, complaining, achy, nose-blowing, coughing, can’t get my lazy behind off the sofa-kind of pathetic and you get the gist!) However, one must carry on and continue to be an active member of this family!

For the last few weeks I have been concocting a secret plan… a “tween” room for my oldest daughter! Ever since they were little, all of my children have had their own room, which has worked out very nicely for myself, but after moving again for the eighth time the two girls decided that they wanted to share a room. Needless to say, that idea has been less than pleasant for all of us in this house. I can’t figure out why two people who argue so much with one another would want to share a room! (Just for background information: the girls are born 12 months, 10 days and 3 hours apart… it’s a lot of love-hate in their relationship). So, I thought it was about time that these two went their separate ways and went back to having their individual rooms. We have a spare room that has become the catch-all room. Do you have one of these rooms? It’s like having an everything drawer in your house, but much bigger! I thought that this would be the perfect DIY project for me this month. I will transform this room into the perfect bedroom for my oldest daughter. I have given myself a small budget and being the great delegate that I am, reigned in my husband to help move some of the bigger clutter and gave him the task of painting the walls, while I set out to buy new furniture and decor items to transform this room.

The tricky part is doing this entire room transformation without any of the children knowing and keeping them out of the spare room. No easy task, but I am up to the challenge! If I can pull this off before we go on holiday at the end of the month I will be very pleased. Hopefully, my daughter will be surprised, excited and happy!

I apologize in advance for the lack of photo quality below, but I’m sick and this is the most creativity I could muster out of myself! Stay tuned to Part 2 of my DIY Project later this week and the completed project at the end of the month!