Slide1 Slide2We went from having an amazing weekend with a stop at Lego Kids Fest, spending eight hours playing and eating cake at a friend’s birthday party, late night movie and popcorn to THE FLU! I can’t even believe it. Mason went down like a ton of bricks from one moment to the next. We were visiting my MIL, enjoying a nice hot lunch on a cold winter’s day and I took one look at my little angel and I knew she wasn’t feeling well. After 24 hours at home giving her all the TLC I could, we went to the pediatrician and they said those dreaded words… “It’s the flu.”

Now she’s burning up like a meteor, bright red as an apple, nauseous, achy and simply unhappy. I’ve had to quarantine the poor child away from her other siblings in order to try and contain the flu. What a lousy way to start the week, but on the upside, I get to spend an entire week with my little girl (whose not so little anymore) and cuddle, watch movies, eat ice cream and take care of the girl who made me who I am in the first place… a mom!

I hope you guys are having a healthy and happy beginning of the week!


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