what’s that, you say?


Being connected can be somewhat overwhelming. From the smartphone constantly alerting you to social media updates, dinging/buzzing every time you receive a text, email, photo, etc… I started feeling like I couldn’t get away from not only my smartphone, but everyone’s mobile devices were everywhere I looked. So, I called up the phone company (remember them) and had a land line installed! Just for good measure, I dug up this old phone my husband and I had when we were first together.

My youngest daughter’s reaction was simply “what’s that?” I’ve never seen her looked more perplexed, as she ran her fingers over it, picked it up, listened to the sound coming from the receiver and said “Does this play music or something?” I can’t believe it! It’s 2013 and my children have never used a “real” phone, which made me realize that my children haven’t been exposed to the idea of phone etiquette. Needless to say, when I got all the kids together and explained that this was our new home phone, they were super excited. They spent hours practicing/pretending how to answer the phone, what to say when they call their friends’ houses and how to dial (since it not touch screen:).

Personally, I like having a phone with no caller ID, no crazy ringtones and no alerts/reminders of what’s going on in the social media world. Sometimes simplifying can make a huge difference in your life. (Note: I still have my mobile, but I only turn it on when I leave the house and it stays in my purse unless I need to make a phone call.)

Would love to know your thoughts? Do any of you have a land line?


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