what a difference 13 hours make


Mav wasn’t feeling well… runny nose, crackly cough, and watery eyes. After a long day of nebulizing and taking medicine to make him comfortable, he fell asleep in my arms at 5pm. You know that saying “never wake a sleeping baby?” Well I consider that saying to be one of the holy commandments of parenthood, so when my little guy kept sleeping and sleeping, I didn’t dare go in and wake him up. THIRTEEN HOURS LATER!!! he emerges from his room, no worse for ware, but something was different. He ran down the hall into my arms, as he always does, and we hugged and kissed for as long as he wanted me to hold him. When I put him down and he started going about his three year old business my mouth dropped to the floor… HE GREW!!!! Not like in some figurative way. He actually grew taller, leaner and the baby fat that surrounded his face and the chubby wrinkles of his neck were gone. Just like that, he wasn’t my baby anymore. He looks like a five year old and it made me realize that those baby, sweet, cuddly years were gone forever. Did I love that time enough? Did I appreciate the cuteness of his baby face and body long enough? You never know when things are going to change. When that moment was the last time you were going to have that moment.

So, here’s to growth spurts, a mother’s tears, growing up and letting go (just a little)! Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “what a difference 13 hours make

  1. He is a beautiful child. There is a sadness when they make the “passage” from babyhood, and though there will many memories to cherish, and many new adventures to experience together, it is always hard to let go of the special sweetness of those early years. 🙂

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