the simplest things

There have been so many wonderful moments these last few weeks that have really made me step back and appreciate all that we have. Not the materialistic possessions… not even the home that we live in, but each other. Our children, their health, their laughter, a single touch when our hands brush up against each other. Those are the moments that truly make you love every minute of your life, because if you don’t stop and look around and appreciate how special you are, how amazing it is that you are living this life, then you’re missing the point of what joy and gratitude really are all about.

My little girls are special, there’s no denying that they bring so much fun and warmth into my life, but there are instances when my little man and my husband are together that really are amazing. Like this morning when they secretly took photos of themselves for me to find. It really made my day. I can’t wait to see what else unfolds.





0 thoughts on “the simplest things

  1. I really love the way you look at life!
    And though I don’t know you I am really happy that you know such love and happiness 🙂
    I wish you even more happiness, joy and love … if that’s even possible!

    x Chellsy 🙂

    Ps: your husband looks like a fairytale character hahahah xD

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