Don’t breathe on me!

I’m pretty sure that if your child has excessive green snot oozing from their nostrils and a consistent crackly cough then your child shouldn’t be at school… let alone breathing all over my child! This is one of the worst flu seasons in 10 years and I don’t think that its too much to ask that parents be a little more vigilant about keeping their children home if they are not feeling well. I  completely understand that some parents have to work, but I also believe that you are doing a huge disservice to your child if you send them to school if what they really need is some TLC!

I’m glad to get that off my chest! Now on to bigger and better things! Let’s talk about this fabulous weather in the Mid-Atlantic… it’s January and 60 degrees and sunny outside! I do miss the snow, but any excuse I have to not wear 10 layers is a happy day for me. It’s going to be in the 70s this weekend and I’m so excited to spend as much time outside with the kids as I possibly can. On the schedule this weekend is horseback riding, breakfast, lunch and dinner on the deck, evening guitar playing sitting by the outside fire, lots of music, dancing… and laughter!




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