We are not alone… (Fairy Doors)

Kate is a fabulous blogger, mother and creative genius! I am totally in love with her creation earlier this month of “Fairy Doors!” I can’t wait to have some of these little doors pop up all over my house… I know my children will be completely enamored and wondering where they came from? Who lives in there? How can they get in?Etc…

This is going to be a million times better than the Elf on the Shelf (especially since I won’t have to remember to keep moving that damn elf every single night!)

Check out her entire post at We are not alone… (Fairy Doors).


Goodbye October

As October is drawing to an end, I hope you have had a chance to enjoy some pre-Halloween festivities. We’re gearing up for Hurricane Sandy which is suppose to bring the most intensity today and Tuesday. We’re hoping not to lose power, since Wednesday is Mason’s 8th birthday! : ) However, being a “hope for the best best, plan for the worst” type of person, I’ve been stocking up on tons of water, food, extra candles and batteries and quickly eating all the chocolate in sight (mainly because I don’t want sugar-high kids with cabin fever). But before Sandy rears her ugly head, we were lucky enough to take the kids to a pre-Halloween festival so they could test out their costumes, play games, get lost in a hay maze and laugh… uncontrollably!

We hope you guys stay safe and enjoy the last few days of October wherever you are!

Today’s Favorites:

  • rain boots
  • Mav sleeping with his Captain America mask (too cute)
  • chocolate truffles
  • reading a book by the fireplace
  • warm apple cider
  • afternoon yoga

in motion

in motion

I feel like he is always in motion even when he is sitting there in silence. Absorbing, breaking it down, reacting, breathing it all in. I guess that’s the beauty of being young and without any of the filters adults develop and use to shut the world out. He sees and hears everything. His mind is always creating and he is always smiling on the inside. It’s days like today, when the weather is warm and the sun is shining that I revel in chasing down bad guys with our make-believe bows and arrows through the perilous jungles of the Amazon… and just like that I’m taken back to a youthful innocence I thought was long gone!

Today’s Favorites:

  • running through the woods
  • bows and arrows
  • chocolate milk
  • afternoon yoga
  • listening to NPR All Things Considered
  • cool evening air and the sound of crickets

the two of us

I don’t know how it happened, but almost nine years have passed us by. I guess we were busy growing up, pursuing careers, having a family, raising children, traveling, moving (too many times to count) and so here we are. No worse for the wear and I have to say that we look pretty good. Not to bad for two young kids who met by chance, fell in love and jumped into life together.

Today is not really a special day… just another Wednesday in our lives, but I’m thankful for the life we’ve created, for our three beautiful (drive me crazy) kids, for the greatest lab that ever walked on four legs and our little home that becomes more and more a piece of our lives every day. Life works in mysterious ways and I feel that this family I’ve created interestingly mirrors the life my parents had and that’s just fine by me. A little rough around the edges, some ups, some downs, lots of love, hugs, kisses and we still have an entire lifetime ahead of us.

Hope you’re Wednesday is just as uneventful as mine!

quietly, i return

I’ve taken a break this last month (and a few days)… a much needed break to spend time with my little family, regroup myself, laugh, read and take some really deep breaths. I’ve had a lot of fun these last few weeks and will be posting about all that has happened. I hope everyone is enjoying the fall that has finally arrived. I’m enjoying wearing jeans and cozy sweaters, sitting by the fire and warm apple cider.