two open spaces = two great diy projects

Last week I decided to utilize two unused spaces in girls’ room and build two built-in desks! This way they can study, draw, doodle and write their next Pulitzer-prize winning novel in the comfort of their room (and not the kitchen table)! I went to home depot got some wood, nails for the nail gun, primer, paint and voila… two beautiful little desks for two adorable little girls!

My oldest had this random space in her room that was sitting empty, so I built her a small desk with shelving above to keep all of their books and mementos. On the other side of this room was a ridiculous dormer that was unused (except for the occasional tea party and fatboy), so the youngest got her very own desk under a window too. Not bad for this extremely un-crafty mom. Next… painting their room!


because we don’t have enough going on…




I hope everyone had a great weekend! I fell behind on posting to my blog this past week and I had all of these wonderful diy projects to post, memories, moments and photos, but all of this was overshadowed by one little man and his accidental fall from grace (so to speak)! He slipped gracefully in the kitchen, on his way to retrieve one of his toys, and the end result was a broken foot. Luckily, for both of us it will he quickly and his amazing doctor gave him a waterproof cast, which means we can still spend our afternoons floating in the pool and enjoy his evening bubble-making baths! I am always amazed at how resilient children are… my little man kept a brave face and tried not to cry. I am so proud of him!