I never realized how much I miss silence. I’m one of those people who loves alone time, but that rarely happens anymore. So, after the initial shock of my daughters leaving home for the first time wore off, I finally got into the groove of things. I have been spending a lot of time with Maverick, playing, going for walks, cuddling and exploring our town together. The flip side, is that I have had a lot of alone, uninterrupted me time, which has been so nice and fulfilling on multiple levels. Just the ability to eat a meal by myself, read a book from cover to cover or work at my desk without having to stop and take care of someone else… has been a true delight!

I have one more week left before my girls get home and long list of to-dos which I know I will finally accomplish. I’m looking forward to a wonderful week with my little man!

Today’s Favorites:

  • finished my book Toujours Provence
  • afternoon naps
  • lunch in the park
  • walking with Maverick
  • picking flowers
  • experimenting with bento box recipes
  • playing bows and arrows
  • building a fort and sleeping in it (my absolute favorite:)

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