keepin’ it local… Brooklyn

Brooklyn Candle Company

On any given day you will find a candle burning in this house. If it were up to me I would only live by natural light during the day and candle light at night! There is nothing more soothing than candlelight and more relaxing to the senses than a subtly fragrant candle… that being said, we love the 100% soy candles by the local candlers at Brooklyn Candle Company! A collaboration between a perfumer and two designers, that produce a line of candles that are carefully designed to infuse clean, natural materials with complex scents that are easy to enjoy. (no cinnamon or lily fragrances up in this hood:)

This week, while I relax my chakras, I will be lighting my new favorite Ritual No.002 Candle, with waves of sandalwood, earth, and citrus scents evoke a ceremonial calm and let’s face it, it’s 3 weeks before back to school and I need all calmness I can evoke!

Brooklyn Candle Company is on Sale @Fab this week! If you need an invite here it is!


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