it’s hard to say goodbye


I woke up at 5:00am to bring my mom and my two girls to the airport. My little man had to come along for the ride since the hubs is out of town. I knew that I would be sad to see my little girls (two pieces of my heart) leave for 12 days, but what I wasn’t prepared for was their little brother’s reaction when he realized they were leaving without him. He sobbed in a way I had never experienced before. The kind of crying someone does when they have a broken heart. Do you know what I mean? He was inconsolable… tears running down his face, repeating their names and crying till his little body shook.

He cried all the way home and what was left of my heart started breaking for him, because no matter how much I held him and reassured him that they were coming back soon… he wouldn’t stop crying until he cried his little broken heart to sleep. As sad as he is, it brings a smile to my face to know that he loves his big sisters so much. There really is nothing better than the love between a little brother and his big sisters.

Let’s hope these 12 days go by really fast!


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