keepin’ it local… in Essex

The Pink Pig
A Stylish Blend of Old and New

Today’s local highlight comes from the beautiful picturesque town of Essex, New York. Nestled in the middle of the Adirondack Park on Lake Champlain you will find The Pink Pig… two floors of stunning antique decor, including Cottage Furniture, Adirondack Style furniture, vintage wicker and rustic cabin decor made in Westport by local artists. In spite of its country leanings, The Pink Pig delivers a distinctly New York City feel through its carefully-edited selection of apparel, jewelry and soy candles. Whether you’re more city pig or country pig, The Pink Pig is a discerning shopper’s dream.

Offering clothing, furnishings, accessories and everything in between, The Pink Pig is a delight for the senses if you’re lucky enough to be walking through the quaint town of Essex, but for the rest you the The Pink Pig offers a delightful shopping experience online!


and that’s all i have to say…

Kids Summer Reading List (curated by my kids)

My kids decided to put together a list of the best books they’ve read this summer. I have to say that I was pretty impressed with the books they read and the ones they chose for their list! I believe that encouraging my children to read every day is one of the best gifts I can give them and I found the easiest way to accomplish this was by letting them see me read constantly. Instead of having the television on, I read a book… so far, they’ve fallen for it and my evil plan to raise well-rounded, intelligent children is working!

I hope you enjoy their summer reading list. I’d love to hear of any other recommendations or thoughts on these and other great books.

you’re a pretty awesome friend!

yep… you’re an awesome friend!

So, I believe it’s really important to have a handful of really great friends. The kind you can call on to watch your kids if you have a super important doctor’s appointment (as I did this morning)! The kind of friend who will drink endless bottles of rosé with you, get together for spontaneous dinner with six kids between you, laugh incessantly about stupid things are kids do, stop over to visit simply because their in the neighborhood and a slew of other amazing things simply because we’re friends!

I’m thankful for my amazing friend who makes life simpler, funnier and such a joy every day!

simply perfect

Shirt: Blirt Shirt
Shirt: Polo
Tire Swing: Personal Collection/Shirt: Polo
A Year in Provence: Peter Mayle

Today’s Favorites (in no particular order):

  • waking up and finding my little man had snuck in to sleep in my bed
  • spending an hour giggling and snuggling with the little man
  • tire swings and a cool breeze
  • prosciutto, arugula and fig pizza with all three kids
  • shopping for yummy, organic fruits and veggies at Whole Foods
  • taking our lab for a much needed stroll through the neighborhood
  • a quite moment and a good book

So far… this day isn’t half bad!

Bastille Day… It’s Time to Celebrate!

Bastille Day Fireworks @ The Eiffel Tower July 14th, 2012

Happy Bastille Day! The celebrations are already well underway back in my home town of Paris, but there is still plenty of time for us to celebrate state-side. We are going to enjoy the rest of our day indulging in french food, cheese and of course wine! This is the one holiday that makes me want to move home to France. I have so many fond memories of growing up in Paris and spending the summers in Cannes. Bastille Day was especially fun on the Cote’ D’Azur, with the amazing fireworks over the Mediterranean and the parties that would go well into the night.

I hope every one has an amazing day and treat yourself to a glass of French wine! I would love to know how you plan on celebrating Bastille Day?

camera… please

Nikon Camera

So, I have been avoiding the digital camera revolution, but the time has come to hang up my camera and buy something digital. My iPhone is pleading with me, before it decides to shut down permanently from capture overload. From Fisher-Price to Nikon, I’ve always loved the idea of film, of the organic process of developing film and watching the image slowly appear, but enough is enough and it’s time!

I’m looking for suggestions, reviews, first-hand experience on what type of camera I should buy. I think I’m partial to Canon from the research I’ve done, but I would appreciate some knowledge! I’ll be using this camera for personal use, mainly to photograph every waking (sometimes sleeping) moments of children’s lives.

Good Times

Polar Bear Tea Party

The Little Man and the Juice Box

Reading Books

Mid-Morning Naps


There are days, like today, where everything seems to flow evenly. I hang all my hopes that this foreshadows a wonderful weekend yet to come. I have to remind myself several times a day to not be rushed, to go with the flow of the children rather than against them and to really savor this day.

Friday Favorites:

  • watching the sun rise with my little man
  • having breakfast on the deck with oldest
  • watching the kids checkout books at the library
  • spontaneous mid-morning naps
  • gardening
  • swimming in the cool of the pool

Looking forward to taking the kids to special screening of The Secret Life of Arriety tonight! Then wine and catching up with my man in Anchorage!

keepin’ it local… in Richmond

Tot Republic Studio Bookshelf

Every week I like to feature a product or shop which deserves a little recognition!

We love the modern designs of Tot Republic Studio, which designs colorful, eco-friendly kids furniture that you will be proud to display in your child’s room (or your living room)!

This beautiful modern bookshelf is crafted with environmental friendly Baltic birch plywood, hand painted with water-based paint and protected with water-based lacquer. Designed to be stylish and functional at the same, this well-crafted butterfly bookshelf will add a modern touch to any room of the house. Complete the look with their uber modern activity table and stool set that adds just the right splash of color to your child’s space and leaves plenty of room for summer arts and crafts!