Why do I feel like painting?

I was walking through the blogosphere world today and I felt an immense urge to paint my walls. We moved into our new home almost a year ago and I have yet to splash any meaningful color on the walls. Not a photo, not a print and only a few pieces of art hang in the living room. The rest of the house is barren of any life, as if no one lives here, an actual clear representation of my fear to commit to this house.

So, it’s time! Time to paint, hang memories, commit to this house and let my roots run wild. I need to finish my children’s room and display all of their simplicity and modernism, with their art, their cool mid century furniture and the immense collection of vintage finds. I’m excited to change the atmosphere and start living in every square inch of this beautiful place. I’m going to be daring, colorful and child-like in my color selections. This means I’m going to hit the antique stores and my favorite kid-friendly shop IKEA (or as my daughter says ICKY).


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