Mon-day = My Day

Shirt: Tea Collection / Bear: Personal Collection
Shirt: Lettuce Turnip the Beet / Tutu: Personal Collection
Dress: GAP / Her Blue Eyes: AMAZING
Shirt: GAP / Headband: Old Navy
Shirt: Harajuku Mini
Whole Foods Wine Sale

Technically “mon” in french means mine, so mon-day means “my day”! I love it when the start to my week is smooth. The sun was shining all day, the little ones have been in the best mood and I got some pretty good news that put a huge smile on my face! I’m now going to kick back enjoy the evening with the kids, cook up some shrimp, couscous, fresh vegetables from the garden and a bottle of wine. Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

Today’s Favorites:

  • morning cuddle with my two favorite guys
  • the beginning of a new journey in my life
  • skimming through books at the bookstore
  • wine sale at Whole Foods
  • afternoon espresso
  • lincoln logs with my little man
  • twirling and laughing in the afternoon sun

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