Good Times

Polar Bear Tea Party

The Little Man and the Juice Box

Reading Books

Mid-Morning Naps


There are days, like today, where everything seems to flow evenly. I hang all my hopes that this foreshadows a wonderful weekend yet to come. I have to remind myself several times a day to not be rushed, to go with the flow of the children rather than against them and to really savor this day.

Friday Favorites:

  • watching the sun rise with my little man
  • having breakfast on the deck with oldest
  • watching the kids checkout books at the library
  • spontaneous mid-morning naps
  • gardening
  • swimming in the cool of the pool

Looking forward to taking the kids to special screening of The Secret Life of Arriety tonight! Then wine and catching up with my man in Anchorage!


One thought on “Good Times

  1. Love your stories. Which I could be your kid too ….even if it would just be for a moment. What a wonderful Mom you are……big hugs to my 3 little M’s. Moni

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