The Crime

The Culprit

The Culprit
(Shirt: Gap)

Bob the Builder Drill

The Weapon
(Bob the Builder Drill)

The Victim

The Victim
(Top: Tea Collection)

Maverick was his usual unapologetic self! He recently acquired this drill (see above) from a friends house and if you know Maverick, he believes everything is weapon! (I should possibly take some responsibility for this since I allow him to watch Gladiator, Act of Valor and Bourne Identity, but I digress). He then took it upon himself to drill his oldest sister’s head, which led to a lot of tears, high pitched screaming and a huge chunk of golden blonde hair wrapped to the root around the drill. After some untangling, use of scissors and loss of hair we have finally agreed to a truce, which in our family will last about an hour.

(note to self: send thank you note for the drill to friends with bitter sarcastic undertones) I wonder if it’s too early to start drinking?


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