Mommy is on summer vacation!

This morning my children awoke to find this sign nailed to their doors! I realized last night while simultaneously breaking up yet another escalating argument between a six and seven year old, trying to stop a three year old from catapulting off the sofa like Iron Man and making Chicken Tiki Masala from scratch, while the hubs obliviously was chopping up a fallen tree with a chain saw… that I’m on SUMMER VACATION!

Why should the kids be the only ones to enjoy these few months off from school? Why can’t I sleep in? Why do I have to play referee? Shouldn’t they make their own beds and tidy up their own rooms? So, I made a sign and posted it for all three children. The parental management of this establishment is on summer vacation. Now, I realize that this may not work, but the look on their faces this morning was priceless and for the last 5 hours there has not been any arguments, tantrums or demands.


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