Swim Team, Dive Team… Just Have Fun Team


Summer usually means playing outside, riding bikes, BBQs with friends, swimming at the lake and going to the beach. However, for a lot of people I know it means a grueling schedule of shuttling their kids between swim and dive team practice (everyday at the break of dawn) and their respective meets (every single weekend). Sounds more like torture than fun!

After spending an entire school year volunteering for school events and chauffeuring my kids to soccer, tennis, baseball and horseback riding… the last thing I want to do is force my kids to join the swim team! Whatever happened to letting the kids do nothing, but bike around the neighborhood with their friends, sleep in everyday, swim at their leisure and just enjoy being a kid?


On the lake




Life seems so simple when we come to the lake. Days filled with laughter, swimming, great food, good friends and the innocence of childhood.

summer vacation





Today begins the first day of a long awaited vacation to our summer home in the Adirondacks. Looking forward to warm days, long summer nights, bbq’s, fireworks, cocktails, boat rides… making memories to last a lifetime.


She takes riding seriously. From the moment she enters the farm it’s all business. She straps on her pink helmet and walks up to the horse who is more than twice her height (not to mention he out weighs her 100 to 1), but she’s not afraid and the horse knows it. She commands him. Controlling his every move and when she rides… it’s breathtaking. She is free.

I see him in your eyes

You’ll never know him, hear is voice or feel his touch, but it’s moments like these when I catch a glimpse of him. When you sit with a silently melancholy look in your eyes, that sweet little smile when you’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing, that bigger than life laugh or the way you wrap your arms so tightly around my neck… that’s when I see him, I hear him, I feel him and I am reminded of how special he was and how special you are. I’m so thankful for you my little man for all that you have given me.