my little love… thank you

Shirt: Tea Collection, Shorts: Gap, Toy: WowToys

There are days, like today, when I feel beaten and ready to toss my hat into the ring! When my dog listens and behaves better than the kids do, when no matter how hard I try the kids just make it harder and I feel the self-pity start to wash over me. With a husband that travels and works all the time I have become a de facto single mom and it’s brutal. Not to say that my kids aren’t wonderful, loving and everything I ever dreamed of, but sometimes you just need a wing-man. I love my husband so much and I could never work the crazy schedule he has, and I am so thankful for all he does for our little family!

OK… I’m done wallowing in my own pity! I have so much respect for single parents who do this on there own day in and day out! Little moments of peace and tranquility really do pop up throughout the day and I’m so in love with my little man who is always quiet and chill just when mommy needs it. It’s like he knows!

Hoping you have a wonderful, happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!


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