for luck

Shirt: Old Navy, Necklace: Personal Collection

My oldest was walking out the door this morning and I could tell she was nervous and scared. Today she begins taking her final exams and she feels a lot of pressure… to much pressure for second grade. I wanted to say something, words of wisdom, something deep, enlightening or funny, but I knew no words would help shed the look of fear in her eyes. I wish she wouldn’t worry about silly exams that in no way gauge her actual intelligence.

I stopped her as she was walking out the door and I reached around to the back of my neck to unhook the clasp of my necklace. I have not been without this necklace on my body in over 20 years. I always have it on me in one way or another. Today, I felt she needed it more than me. I put it around her neck and she looked up at me with tears in her eyes, because she too knows that I never take it off.

I said to her, “This necklace survived a concentration camp, the Holocaust, it has traveled across countries and continents and it has always been there for me… It will be there for you too. Don’t worry about your exams. Just do your best and then leave the exams in the past. Always move forward my love and remember that I am always proud of you.”

She smiled and ran for the bus. I don’t have all the answers and most of the time I’m not sure what to say or do. I just have to live one day at a time and love my children with all of my heart.


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