i have a question about g-d

Shirt: GAP, Remote: AppleTV, Eyebrows: All her own!

This morning Matisse and I were watching an interview with Anat Hoffman (who is trying to change women’s rights in Isreal among the Orthodox Jews). Anat Hoffman was arrested for praying at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem with the intent to read the Torah, which women are forbidden to do. Matisse, who I have always referred to as “my enlightened one”, turns to me and says “I have a question about g-d.”

I haven’t had my coffee yet and I’m not mentally alert to engage in what might be a deep conversation, but here goes nothing:

Me: “What’s your question honey?”

Matisse: “Why do people think g-d is a man?”

Me: “Do you think g-d is a woman?”

Matisse: “Why does g-d have to be a man or a woman?”

Me: “Some people believe that g-d is man. I don’t have proof one way or the other.”

Matisse: “Maybe g-d isn’t even human.”

Me: “Some people believe that we were made in g-d’s image.”

Matisse: “Well there’s my answer! G-d is both man and a woman and the woman on tv has the right to go pray at the wall and read the torah.”

Matisse got up and walked away to go play with her brother and sister. Sometimes a six year old makes it seem so simple and clear. Happy Sunday!


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