a good day

Tired from all the fun, playing in the sun, eating, baking… it’s wonderful being two years old. You can just lay on the ground whenever, wherever and just rest for awhile. I love that you bring out the child in me and that we can be carefree together. Thank you again my little love for another good day!



another year has passed

and you look do different! This morning at the breakfast table I remarked at how my youngest daughter looked older all of a sudden. As if she had grown up overnight. She smiled and ran off to get her backpack and morning snack, and as she ran out the door she looked back and smiled with those beautiful almond eyes. The rest of my day was filled with projects (both business and personal), spending time with my favorite little man and enjoying the incredible weather outside.

When my youngest daughter returned from school she was visibly exhausted. Mostly, from playing and fishing in the hot sun on Memorial Day. She went upstairs to lie down and rest for a while. I unpacked her backpack and there in a small ziploc bag were two photos of my little girl. The first was taken at the beginning of the school year and second was from this past week, and there it was, right in front of me… she was older!

It’s amazing how quickly they change and grow up. I feel happy and sad. My little girl… how I just wanted to keep her bottled up forever. I’m sad because I know I will long for these days, for a time when they were little and wanted to cuddle and be taken care of. Sometimes I feel that being a parent is equally as sad as it is happy.

May 2012
September 2011


my little love… thank you

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There are days, like today, when I feel beaten and ready to toss my hat into the ring! When my dog listens and behaves better than the kids do, when no matter how hard I try the kids just make it harder and I feel the self-pity start to wash over me. With a husband that travels and works all the time I have become a de facto single mom and it’s brutal. Not to say that my kids aren’t wonderful, loving and everything I ever dreamed of, but sometimes you just need a wing-man. I love my husband so much and I could never work the crazy schedule he has, and I am so thankful for all he does for our little family!

OK… I’m done wallowing in my own pity! I have so much respect for single parents who do this on there own day in and day out! Little moments of peace and tranquility really do pop up throughout the day and I’m so in love with my little man who is always quiet and chill just when mommy needs it. It’s like he knows!

Hoping you have a wonderful, happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

for luck

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My oldest was walking out the door this morning and I could tell she was nervous and scared. Today she begins taking her final exams and she feels a lot of pressure… to much pressure for second grade. I wanted to say something, words of wisdom, something deep, enlightening or funny, but I knew no words would help shed the look of fear in her eyes. I wish she wouldn’t worry about silly exams that in no way gauge her actual intelligence.

I stopped her as she was walking out the door and I reached around to the back of my neck to unhook the clasp of my necklace. I have not been without this necklace on my body in over 20 years. I always have it on me in one way or another. Today, I felt she needed it more than me. I put it around her neck and she looked up at me with tears in her eyes, because she too knows that I never take it off.

I said to her, “This necklace survived a concentration camp, the Holocaust, it has traveled across countries and continents and it has always been there for me… It will be there for you too. Don’t worry about your exams. Just do your best and then leave the exams in the past. Always move forward my love and remember that I am always proud of you.”

She smiled and ran for the bus. I don’t have all the answers and most of the time I’m not sure what to say or do. I just have to live one day at a time and love my children with all of my heart.

under the weather

under the weather
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I’ve been neglecting my blog for no other reason than I feel under the weather. Tired, run down, sore throat and just nursing myself back to the happy, light-hearted, funny person I am! Looking forward to going on vacation with the husband and kids. Sunshine, friends, laughter, drinks and the open water.

Hope you guys had a great weekend and a wonderful start to your week…

mother’s day

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I woke up at 8:00 am on Sunday morning, which is the first time I’ve slept pass 6:00 am in eight years. Thanks to my wonderful children who let me sleep in and who attempted to make me breakfast. My morning started with all of us around the kitchen table, laughing, eating and snagging a kiss or three from my little angels. The rest of the day was spent together doing some painting, having a beautiful lunch outdoors with a special bottle of Rosé, at our friend’s birthday party, and with my two little girls deciding they wanted to get their ears pierced… and just like that, they became pre-tweens! What a wonderful Mother’s Day indeed. This gig isn’t that bad!

Hope your Mother’s Day was special and spent with those you love!


After such a wonderful birthday celebration, good friends, laughter, stories, champagne and amazing food… I’m looking forward to my best year yet! I feel so lucky to have this beautiful life, these amazing children and I’m married to my best friend.

I’m looking forward to decompressing this weekend. Casual dinners in the back yard, wine, music… Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to all the women I know!

happy birthday

So today’s my birthday! A celebration for me… They’ll be drinking and laughter and grand debauchery! I’ll have photos to share and stories to tell, but for now let me leave you with a memory…


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So, it’s one of those days where I have a million things going on and I’m trying to get out the door without forgetting my bag, my wallet (which for some reason is not in my bag) the car keys, the water bottles, the shopping list, etc… when I hear “Mom! Cheese!” I look down and there he is. All of a sudden those million things I had to do don’t seem so important and I think I’ll put down my bag and play awhile, because moments like these won’t last forever.