Two Holidays, the Four Questions and lots of Other Questions

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A. for the last week, but things have gotten out of hand now the kids are on vacation. Needles to say, we’ve been having lots of laughs, lots of running around and as usual, lots of questions. Lets begin with some recaps:

My kids are convinced that there is a an Easter Bunny and want me to make the necessary preparations for his arrival! They’d like to know why we call it Passover and what exactly are we going to “pass over”? My oldest is trying to convince her little sister that the Easter Bunny is Jewish! My youngest wants to know why Daddy isn’t Jewish and does that mean he isn’t one of the chosen people? My oldest wants to know why our Jewish ancestors roamed the desert for 40 years, couldn’t they just use their GPS? And can they can make up their own “Four Questions” to ask during Seder?

There’s an effort on my part to get the girls to wear dresses… my daughter is negotiating the terms of wearing a dress and would like the option to sit in the mud while she wears a dress! My son has decided that his response to every question is “no” regardless of the question and usually without letting me finish my question… charming!

I have some questions of my own! Does my Passover Seder really need to last 2+ hours? Would it be wrong of me to condense the Seder into a speedy two minute ritual so we can get to eating, drinking, laughing and more drinking? Do I actually have to give my children money if they find the matzoh? Is it confusing to let my children celebrate Passover and Easter? Do I have to boil and dye real eggs or can I just use plastic eggs? Would it be awkward if I filled the eggs with those Jewish chocolate coins and little sayings from the Torah? Do I have to continually find ways to entertain all these kids for the next two weeks of their vacation or can I let them fend for themselves?

So I started the day with… Happy Pesach! Happy Easter! Have a Good Friday! (pun intended) “Yes, your father is a Jew, he just doesn’t know it yet!” (that’s funny by the way)



20120402-215334.jpgIt’s that time of year again when I plant a new garden, nurture my flower beds and sit on the deck with a glass of wine admiring our beautiful lawn…. Wait a minute! There in the distance is crabgrass! Yikes!

I thought I would never see crabgrass in my lawn, but there it is and it’s ruining my view. So, we decide it’s time to aerate and seed the lawn in the hopes that the new grass will take over the crabgrass, however, someone just informed me that the only way to get rid of crabgrass is to kill it with RoundUp.

So, which is it? Will the new grass that we just seeded into the lawn over grow the crabgrass or do I need to ruin my entire lawn with some sort of weed killer?