œuf à la coque

If you don’t know what an œuf à la coque is… then let me introduce you to the best way to eat eggs! This is a staple at our house and I’ve been eating eggs this way since I was a little girl in Paris. This might be one of the easiest recipes in the world, but if you love eggs (like I do) then this needs to be added to your culinary repertoire immediately!

– boil water
– add egg
– boil egg for 4 to 4 1/2 minutes
– remove egg and put in egg cup
– crack open top of egg with knife
– dip buttered bread slices into egg and enjoy!
(toast a slice of bread, butter and cut into four skinny slices)

What is your favorite way to eat eggs? Do you have any egg recipes that I should try?


Kids… their Art

Like most parents, my children come home with masterpieces every day and they expect me to “ooh” and “ahh” over every single drawing, painting, doodle and scribble. I’m more than happy to oblige! However, now my children have demanded that I display the latest and greatest artistic triumphs for all to see. I explained to them that it would be impossible to display every single piece of art that comes home, so we discussed it and agreed that I should display just a few and change them out on a monthly basis.

I have spent most of the evening searching for the perfect frame to display their “Monet” and “Picasso-esque” masterpieces, but I also need it to be functional (i.e. easily change out their art) and acrylic, because with my crew there’s a 99% chance that a rogue soccer ball will bring these frames crashing to the ground.

Does you know of some great frames to display children’s art?

Spring Ahead into Hell

The one hour change has caused chaos to decent upon our home. You would think the kids just endured a 24 hour flight to Malaysia and are suffering horrible jet lag, not to mention that their behavior has subsequently gone down the drain. I didn’t think they would be this affected by losing one lousy hour, but I apparently underestimated the effects of daylight savings.

Trying to get them to bed on time is going to be a miracle. I have a friend who gave her kids melatonin to get them back on their sleep pattern, but I shy away from drugging my kids without their consent… call me old-fashioned!

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get these kids back on their schedules?

Who needs a time out chair?

So the kids went to a birthday party tonight and this “wrecking ball” inflatable was in the front yard. I immediately knew that I must have one!

This thing was epic… Think bouncy house meets American Gladiators for kids, and it dawned on me that this would be the perfect alternative to trying to enforce “time out” or sending my kids to their room when they argue, both of which are futile forms of discipline in our house.

I know this may seem juvenile on my part, but I’m a firm believer that, more often than not, I should reap some laughter at the expense of my children. So, kids get ready to take it to the mat!

What types of discipline works for you? Would you use the “wrecking ball” inflatable?

High Low

I tried to come up with a way to get my children more engaged to talk at the dinner table and discuss their day beyond the occasional “fine”, “ok” and “great”! So, we started doing what we call high low. Each of us has to say what was the high moment of our day and what was the low moment of our day.

In the beginning, the kids were not excited about our new high low tradition, but since I have stuck to it every single day, it really has become something they look forward to every night. Using such a simple idea has reinforced the importance of our family dinners and has allowed the kids to analyze their day and think about the things they have done and how they have been affected, both good and bad. I truly value sitting together as a family every single night and I know that the ritual of these dinners will mean more to them in the long run than they even realize.

What things do you do to engage your children in conversation during dinner? What has and hasn’t worked for you?

Don’t cut my hair!

My daughter needed a haircut. I was tired of listening to her complain about having knots in her hair, yet she refuses to get a haircut… something about growing her hair out like Rapunzel. Obviously, I’m not going to let that happen!

So, instead of dragging her to the hair salon kicking and screaming, I took it upon myself to trim her hair last night. I’ve never cut anyone’s hair before, but how difficult could it be! I realize that I’m incapable of doing simple crafts, but I figure cutting the ends off my daughters long, beautiful blonde hair shouldn’t be a problem.

Well, after spending 20 minutes looking for hair cutting scissors (that for some reason I own) and not finding them, I decided to use the kitchen shears. Scissors are scissors, right? Wrong, again! At this point, it’s becoming painfully apparent that it is only by the grace of god that my children have survived thus far. She wasn’t injured in any way, but her haircut isn’t as straight as most normal people would expect.

At first, my daughter didn’t realize anything was wrong, but when she woke up this morning and started to brush her hair in the mirror… let’s just say she was less than pleased. Her exact words were “MOM!!!! You can’t even cut a straight line! My two year old brother could have done a better job!”

Note to self: Next time opt for the kicking and screaming into the hair salon scenario.

Have you ever given your child a hair cut? How did it turn out?

What I’m Going To Do…

I decided this year that engaging in “New Year’s Resolutions” was a waste of time, because the commitment always seemed to grandiose, the resolutions were for an entire year, I could never compel myself to stay committed and my interests would usually wane. Thus, I have embraced the idea of monthly resolutions throughout the year!

I’m going to workout every day! Really. I am. Promise.
I’m going to go out with some friends. I rarely go out and usually use the kids as a reason for bowing out of plans with friends, but I am going to make a concerted effort to go out with some friends.
I’m going to try and go carb-free. I’m just going to try. No promises on this one.
I’m going to paint my daughter’s room.
I’m going to go for a walk every day. As long as it’s not raining. Or snowing. Or too cold.

This seems doable. I think I can manage this.

What are you going to do this month?

Who is the tooth fairy?

20120304-111300.jpgI am so excited that my oldest lost her first front tooth! It’s one of those moments that only happen once and she’ll never look as cute again, because let’s face it when you lose your front tooth at 85 you’re not as cute.

She was so excited that it finally came out and ran upstairs to put her tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy. Now my job was set into motion… I had one responsibility, to covertly enter her room in the middle of the night to steal the tooth and leave some money in its place. Easy enough, right? Wrong! This is me we’re talking about!

So, night time comes and I put all three kids to bed. I know I have to wait for her to fall to sleep, which takes a while because she is such a light sleeper. I lay on my bed and listen to NPR, waiting for my moment.

My moment comes and goes! That’s right… I fell asleep! Only to be awoken by my seven year old, holding her tooth in her hand, fighting back tears as she says “What does it mean when the tooth fairy doesn’t come for you? Does it mean she doesn’t like me?” My heart sinks to the floor and I immediately feel like the worst mother in the world.

So, I do the only thing I know how to do… I tell her the truth! That I’m the Tooth Fairy and a lousy one, because I fell asleep and forgot to go in and take her tooth. She gives me a big hug and says “It’s okay mom. I thought you were the tooth fairy.” And I realized how truly wonderful she is and every day she teaches me how to be better mom.

My Question: Am I wrong for telling my daughter the truth about the Tooth Fairy? When did you stop telling you kids?

Crafts… Really?

To say that I’m not a crafty person is the understatement of the year! I feel as if everyone I know is a crafting genius, including some of my closest friends who create remarkable invitations from scratch, sew beautiful bags, create runway-worthy clothing, etc… Here I stand in my kitchen unable to paste two pieces of paper together!!! AHHHHHHHH!

My crafting frustration was sent into high gear when I decided to surprise my two oldest daughters with a fun craft that we could do together. Of course, my oldest daughter immediately sucked the wind out of my sail by stating the obvious that “You can’t craft! This sounds like a BAD idea!” I was going to tell her where she could stick her advice, but I erred on the side of caution (considering she’s only seven).

I’m sure you’re asking yourself what could this craft be that I, being completely inept at crafting, would be willing to undertake! Well it seemed simple enough really! The directions said to: 1. Cut a glow stick and shake the contents into a jar. Add diamond glitter 2. Seal the top with a lid. 3. Shake. ( glow sticks at the Dollar Tree. Use a mason jar) Simple enough correct? WRONG!!!! It was suppose to look like this:

My jar just had green slime-like liquid all over the interior of the jar with glitter stuck to the sides. There was no sparkle, no explosion looking effect…. nothing! Except the all too familiar look of disappointment on my daughters’ faces when once again their mother had fallen short of anything resembling a craft!

My Question: Does anyone have any FAIL-PROOF craft ideas? PLEASE!