What if someone blows up our door?

The odds that I would end up with a child who has anxiety were pretty high, but I have to admit that this is probably of my own making. My youngest daughter is anxious about the weather and burglars, to be more precise CIA Operatives. Honestly, most children might be a little scared during a thunder storm, but my daughter starts packing her bag, while crying and screaming hysterically that we need to take cover and go to the basement, because the world is ending. Of course the fact that I let her watch The Day After Tomorrow over and over and over again probably only fuels her anxiety, but who am I to deny my kid the one movie she likes to watch.

The CIA Operative thing… I mean seriously, I’ve told her a dozen times that no one is going to use explosives to break into our house, or kick in the door with guns blazing. Okay, so what if she watches The Bourne Identity and she’s only six… I’m a parent I never said I knew how to parent. Parenting doesn’t come with a manual and neither does childhood, so we’re on this journey together! Baby steps.

What are your kids scared of?


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