I’ve decided to go on a juicing diet, not for weight loss, ok for weight loss, but to clean my system and begin a healthier lifestyle too. (Yes, I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead!) I drove to Williams-Sonoma this morning with my son and bought a new Breville Juicer, stopped at Trader Joe’s and bought a shopping cart full of green vegetables and fruits and now I’m home drinking my first juice. I’m a little nervous to be completely honest, since I have never fasted for any other reason than Yom Kippur (that’s a Jewish holiday where you fast for atonement and repentance) and I’m not sure if I can go the distance. I have great will power, but I’m still going to have to prepare meals for my kids every day and the thought of smelling and not tasting seems like torture.

Luckily, I came across some great variations of this Mean Green Juice recipe and they seem like they might taste really good… maybe… not as good as Filet Mignon and grilled foie gras, but that is exactly why I am “Juicing” and not indulging on foods that have thrown my health off track.

Has anyone tried the juicing diet? Was it successful? Do you have any advice or recipes to share?


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