DIY Curtains

As I previously stated, I’m not crafty and I think that spills over into DIY fabric projects, but as I seem to be addicted to failure in my crafting projects I figure why not try AGAIN! So my daughters picked out this fabulous new bedding for the ultra-sleek modern room and they wanted me to take the flat sheets (since they hate having flat sheets on their beds) and turn them into curtains. I immediately responded with “No problem! Anything for you two!” Now I find myself with fabric, no sewing machine, no idea how to sew and two little girls who are expecting curtains.

Not sure if I should simply fold over the top, sew it together and slide the curtain rod through or would it be easier to make grommet curtain panels. I know there are a lot of amazing crafty DIYers out there, so if anyone has a really easy tutorial to share or any simple ideas of how to turn this very sweet fabric into curtain panels… I would be eternally grateful!


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