Battle Royale vs. Hunger Games

Battle Royale, as many of you must know, is a Japanese novel that was adapted into a blockbuster movie in 2000. Eight years before the American book The Hunger Games. I find it hard to believe that that the author of The Hunger Games would write a book that has an eerily similar plot and characters: school kids are chosen by lottery, they’re given a variety of weapons and survival packs and taken to a remote, restricted area to take part in a televised death match. I don’t know about you, but at the liberal arts school I attended (where I studied English Literature) that’s called… RIPPING OFF SOMEONE ELSE’S IDEA!

I’m sure that the movie, The Hunger Games, will be just as successful as the books, but I can’t help but wonder did author Suzanne Collins knock off Battle Royale to write The Hunger Games?


3 thoughts on “Battle Royale vs. Hunger Games

  1. Its called inspiration!
    think about this: stories about vampires come from inspirations from the works of other people (they are not the same).
    Both the hunger games and battle royale have their strong differences/similarities but most of all it has qualities that give each their own unique taste.
    I read both and they are the best! (though for ME BR was slightly better because of its blatant openness)

    1. Thanks for your comment! I’ve read both books as well and I’m fine with one author being inspired by another author, body of work, artist, etc, but what bothers me is that she refuses to admit that she has seen or read Battle Royale. The plots and characters are to similar for her to claim originality and BR (book and movie) have been out for over a decade and to rave reviews.

      1. yea! I totally get what you mean, but i honestly don’t care anymore because I’m glad she wrote a slightly romanticized version of battle royale, it was a different take and extremely amusing to read.
        btw you should read lord of the flies, I think ull love it

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