Do you feel connected?

So, I decided to disconnect from social media and the internet over the past weekend, in order to spend quality time with my kids, eat really good food, sleep in, drink wine, laugh (a lot) and just be present in every moment. I loved every second of my weekend and I realized that, even though I love being able to blog, I don’t necessarily love all the other ways I connect through social media. I feel even more disconnected from my friends and family, because people feel that posting on Facebook or sending a text message is an acceptable way to communicate, but what happened to picking up the phone or stopping by a friend’s house for a visit?

Part of me misses the way things use to be before the internet was created. I miss driving over to a friend’s house, sitting on front porches and drinking wine. I miss picking up the phone and calling a friend I haven’t spoke to in a few months and I know that nothing stops me from doing that now, except I know everything that is happening in their lives (i.e. my friends and family), because they post their thoughts and daily events all over the place! Everything is connected… where you are, where you shop, what you eat, where you’re going, what your listening to, what your watching… I feel like social media is reaching a tipping point.

Do you feel more connected now because of social media? Do you miss anything about how you use to connect with people?


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