High Low

I tried to come up with a way to get my children more engaged to talk at the dinner table and discuss their day beyond the occasional “fine”, “ok” and “great”! So, we started doing what we call high low. Each of us has to say what was the high moment of our day and what was the low moment of our day.

In the beginning, the kids were not excited about our new high low tradition, but since I have stuck to it every single day, it really has become something they look forward to every night. Using such a simple idea has reinforced the importance of our family dinners and has allowed the kids to analyze their day and think about the things they have done and how they have been affected, both good and bad. I truly value sitting together as a family every single night and I know that the ritual of these dinners will mean more to them in the long run than they even realize.

What things do you do to engage your children in conversation during dinner? What has and hasn’t worked for you?


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