Don’t cut my hair!

My daughter needed a haircut. I was tired of listening to her complain about having knots in her hair, yet she refuses to get a haircut… something about growing her hair out like Rapunzel. Obviously, I’m not going to let that happen!

So, instead of dragging her to the hair salon kicking and screaming, I took it upon myself to trim her hair last night. I’ve never cut anyone’s hair before, but how difficult could it be! I realize that I’m incapable of doing simple crafts, but I figure cutting the ends off my daughters long, beautiful blonde hair shouldn’t be a problem.

Well, after spending 20 minutes looking for hair cutting scissors (that for some reason I own) and not finding them, I decided to use the kitchen shears. Scissors are scissors, right? Wrong, again! At this point, it’s becoming painfully apparent that it is only by the grace of god that my children have survived thus far. She wasn’t injured in any way, but her haircut isn’t as straight as most normal people would expect.

At first, my daughter didn’t realize anything was wrong, but when she woke up this morning and started to brush her hair in the mirror… let’s just say she was less than pleased. Her exact words were “MOM!!!! You can’t even cut a straight line! My two year old brother could have done a better job!”

Note to self: Next time opt for the kicking and screaming into the hair salon scenario.

Have you ever given your child a hair cut? How did it turn out?


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