What I’m Going To Do…

I decided this year that engaging in “New Year’s Resolutions” was a waste of time, because the commitment always seemed to grandiose, the resolutions were for an entire year, I could never compel myself to stay committed and my interests would usually wane. Thus, I have embraced the idea of monthly resolutions throughout the year!

I’m going to workout every day! Really. I am. Promise.
I’m going to go out with some friends. I rarely go out and usually use the kids as a reason for bowing out of plans with friends, but I am going to make a concerted effort to go out with some friends.
I’m going to try and go carb-free. I’m just going to try. No promises on this one.
I’m going to paint my daughter’s room.
I’m going to go for a walk every day. As long as it’s not raining. Or snowing. Or too cold.

This seems doable. I think I can manage this.

What are you going to do this month?


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