Something in her eye

So my oldest came home from school complaining that something flew in her eye at recess. She seemed alright, but I decided to flush her eye out with an eye wash anyway. Unfortunately, her eye seems to be getting worse and whatever is in there won’t come out!

Now it’s too late to go to the doctor, because they closed at 5:00 p.m. and I don’t think the situation is critical enough to justify a trip to the ER, but I’ve got to do something because she obviously uncomfortable.

My Question: Does anyone have any effective suggestions on how to flush out her eye?


Kim Jong-Un Assassinated?

So I find myself on the edge of my twitter feed all day reading uncredited rumors on the possible assassination of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. However, all of these postings are based on a rumor started by a fake BBC twitter account, but there has still not been any confirmation one way or the other about the death or whereabouts of the Korean Leader.

I find it fascinating that with this much technology all that comes to light is rumors, unverified tips and mass confusion worldwide.

My Question: Was King Jong-Un assassinated or not? (Chinese Twitter is as reliable as Fox News with the facts!)

Do you FLOR?

I’ve been looking to update the rooms in our house, especially the kitchen and living room, but I don’t want to spend a fortune on rugs, nor to I want to carpet the rooms since we have beautiful hardwood floors.

I’ve been checking out FLOR (carpet tiles) and they seem to have a wonderful selection of colors and patterns, but I’ve never actually used or installed carpet tiles before. I’m also not sure what pattern/color to choose since it seems you can essentially make any combination you like.

My Question: Has anyone used FLOR carpet tiles before, do you like them and are they functional?

Children’s Lighting

We went to IKEA over the weekend and bought these great wall-mounted lights for our kids’ room. At first. I thought these lights would be great since they have a bunk bed and they both like to lay in bed and read at night, but once my husband and I got around to putting the lights up it seems that we both had different ideas of exactly where these lights should be mounted. He feels the lights should be behind their heads on the wall shining down at them as they read and I feel the lights should be on the inside wall of their bunk bed.

My Question: Where should we mount the lights that would make the most sense for the kids?

Picture Frames

I spent a wonderful day with my children shopping, eating and redesigning our son’s room with new bookcases and his first little table and chairs!


My daughters bought these wonderful bright colored frames to hang their art, but if there’s one thing (of many) that I’m not good at that’s hanging frames. They bought eight frames and they would like to display their art over the dresser in their room.

My Question: Does anyone have any advice, examples, or links to great ideas on how to display and hang picture frames?

Raising Money for St. Jude

My oldest daughter is participating in the St. Jude Math-A-Thon at her school to raise money for cancer research for children. She is very involved and has shown such compassion and excitement at being able to contribute to this charity. I’m very proud of her!

While we have been feverishly trying to raise money for her charity through family, emails, and our social networks… it dawned on me that she’ll never know what it was like to grow up without the fears that grip so many of us today. She’ll never know the joys of being able to go door-to-door in her neighborhood, because it’s not safe to that in this day and age. She’ll never experience the simple joy of walking down the street to her friends house or riding her bike around the neighborhood, because it’s just not safe!

I feel that through all of the advances of the last 30 years and all the ways to connect with one another has simply made this world more violent, more scary and in the end it is our children who have been robbed of the freedom of childhood that I reveled in.

My Question: How can we give our children the same freedom we were provided?

No really… you’re babysitter is Dion… Dion Warwick!

Ok… so, we have an awesome babysitter named Dion! Obviously, it’s not Dion Warwick, but my kids don’t know that! Yes… I know that it is highly frowned upon to lie to your kids in this day and age, but frankly, I could give a *******! As a parent, it is your right to have moments of laughter at the expense of your kids!

Tonight, when our babysitter, Dion, arrived I whispered to my kids “You know that’s Dion Warwick… the famous singer.” At first my kids had no reaction, but I was getting ready to leave for an evening out with other adults (who I will have you know lie to their kids as well), as I overheard my kids saying “I can’t wait to tell my friends tomorrow that Dion Warwick came over to babysit us!” I couldn’t even contain my laughter as I sneaked out the back door to get into my car.

My Question: Is it wrong to lie to your kids for the simple purpose of humoring yourself (and no one gets hurt in the process)?