Freshman Wine

Our sitter recently gave us two bottles of wine from her parents vineyard. At first I was skeptical, since her parents have recently retired, bought a vineyard and are trying their hand wine making. I was not expecting very much from novice wine-makers.

To my surprise, the wine is “very” good! It is rich, bold and has a rather complex earthy flavor with hints of blackberry. Who knew? I have been raving about this wine and hope to get a few more bottles in my cellar ASAP!

Now I’m on the hunt for more novice wine-makers. I feel like I have stumbled upon a vin garage and now I’m hooked!

My Question: Does anyone have any suggestions for new wineries/vineyards that I should try that are making some seriously good wine in small productions?


2 thoughts on “Freshman Wine

  1. If you’re ever in Vermont just drive around and stop in at any vinyard you find. My fiance and I went for a long weekend and just drive around and stopped in when one caught our eye. We found some of the best wines produced from small family vineyards. They even have a map you can follow and get stamped as you visit every one. Highly recommended.

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