What is your secret?

Recently, a friend commented on how wonderful my marriage was and how we seemed like a perfect fit for each other. She wanted to know what our secret was? Well, little did she know how imperfectly matched we were. It’s hard work to make any marriage be successful, but add my husband’s unbelievably busy travel schedule and his grueling drinking schedule and it becomes almost impossible. It has taken us years to work out the kinks and both of us had to make compromises, but we now have a well oiled machine and our marriage runs so smoothly it takes very little effort.

The secret, I told my friend, was two things: 1) We make it a point to laugh every day, because laughter is great for the soul and humor keeps you young. 2) We both have to make an effort to be involved in each others interests/activities. This can be tricky depending on what your spouses interests are, and for me… it seemed almost impossible to engage in my husband’s number one past time (which is also his job)! Sometimes you just have to put on a beanie hat and throw one down in the name of marriage!

My Question: What is your secret to a successful marriage?


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