You love him more than me!

Ouch! My oldest daughter just stated what she believes in fact… that I love our son more than her. Even though she does have a sister as well, she is convinced that favoritism is at play in our home.

I’m stunned! Sitting at dinner with my three children, enjoying a beautiful meal and that is what she says to me. What is a mother to do? Unfortunately, for her I believe in 100% honesty at all times with my children no matter the topic! So, I info her that she is partially right… “see I love you all, but I love of each of you differently, because not one of you is identical and you all need, long for and demand different things from me. So while you may interpret my actions as favoritism, they are simply different expressions of love for different types of people.”

My Question: Has anyone had a similar conversation with their children? What was your answer?


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