Children’s Lighting

We went to IKEA over the weekend and bought these great wall-mounted lights for our kids’ room. At first. I thought these lights would be great since they have a bunk bed and they both like to lay in bed and read at night, but once my husband and I got around to putting the lights up it seems that we both had different ideas of exactly where these lights should be mounted. He feels the lights should be behind their heads on the wall shining down at them as they read and I feel the lights should be on the inside wall of their bunk bed.

My Question: Where should we mount the lights that would make the most sense for the kids?


One thought on “Children’s Lighting

  1. I’m with you and would want to put them on the side. If they’re over their heads they might feel like they are at the dentist! Jay has one that clips on and it’s clipped to the side of his headboard, not the top. It has an adjustable arm so he can twist and turn it. Thomas has one too but rarely uses it, so John and I have borrowed it from him and clip it to our bedside tables, so it’s shining from the side. Good luck- hope you win that one!

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