Raising Money for St. Jude

My oldest daughter is participating in the St. Jude Math-A-Thon at her school to raise money for cancer research for children. She is very involved and has shown such compassion and excitement at being able to contribute to this charity. I’m very proud of her!

While we have been feverishly trying to raise money for her charity through family, emails, and our social networks… it dawned on me that she’ll never know what it was like to grow up without the fears that grip so many of us today. She’ll never know the joys of being able to go door-to-door in her neighborhood, because it’s not safe to that in this day and age. She’ll never experience the simple joy of walking down the street to her friends house or riding her bike around the neighborhood, because it’s just not safe!

I feel that through all of the advances of the last 30 years and all the ways to connect with one another has simply made this world more violent, more scary and in the end it is our children who have been robbed of the freedom of childhood that I reveled in.

My Question: How can we give our children the same freedom we were provided?


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