I told him that I love him Mom!

Those were the exact words out of my seven year old daughter’s mouth as she walked in the door from school. The little voice in my head screamed “Nooooooooooooooo!”, but the words that came out of my mouth responded with a simple “Honey, why would you say that to a boy?” My daughter proceed to explain to me that she had to say it , because it was true and it was actually how she felt about this boy. My mind raced for a minute and I thought of all the possible scenarios: we could move in the middle of the night to Argentina; I could enroll her in a convent (who cares if were Jewish you’re missing the point); or at the very least, I could homeschool her! Suddenly, I realized I hadn’t spoken or reacted for a couple of minutes and there she was sitting on the floor looking up at me with these amazing blue eyes and I was overwhelmed with a feeling that somewhat resembles nausea and happiness.

So, I say to her “How could you know that you love this boy? Love is a very big word and you should not use it so lightly.” She looked at me as if I was suffering from some sort of dementia and with her angelic little smile she simply said “You just know mom! Love is something you feel and when you feel it, you know.” And just like that she walked away, leaving me somewhat speechless and scared. I guess I never wanted her to know, to grow layers of cynicism, to grow up, but she will and she will learn that life hurts as much as it loves.



Freshman Wine

Our sitter recently gave us two bottles of wine from her parents vineyard. At first I was skeptical, since her parents have recently retired, bought a vineyard and are trying their hand wine making. I was not expecting very much from novice wine-makers.

To my surprise, the wine is “very” good! It is rich, bold and has a rather complex earthy flavor with hints of blackberry. Who knew? I have been raving about this wine and hope to get a few more bottles in my cellar ASAP!

Now I’m on the hunt for more novice wine-makers. I feel like I have stumbled upon a vin garage and now I’m hooked!

My Question: Does anyone have any suggestions for new wineries/vineyards that I should try that are making some seriously good wine in small productions?

Yoga at Home

Like most parents, I find it difficult to find the time to go workout at a gym, so I have opted for jogging and working out at home. This way I can fit my workouts in between my work schedule and the kids.

Even though this has been going smoothly, I still miss not being able to go to the yoga studio on a more consistent basis (i.e. never)! I love yoga and always feel so much more centered and rejuvenated after a class and would love to find a way to integrate a wonderful yoga workout at home.

My Question: Does anyone have any good recommendations for a yoga workout/program that can be done at home and/or a series of great Yoga DVDs?


Gluten Free Anyone?

I love to cook! Culinary arts is a passion of mine and there is nothing I cherish more than trying a new recipe or creating a new one from scratch. Almost all of the food I prepare is completely fresh, organic and free of pesticides, but we are toying with the idea of going completely gluten-free, but I’m not completely sold on the it.

Many foods I prepare are already gluten free:

• Plain beef, fish, chicken, fruit, vegetables and beans
• Eggs
• Rice
• Lentils
• Corn
• Potatoes
• Flax

We don’t suffer from any medical conditions that require us to go completely gluten free, so I’m not sure if there are any further benefits for us to cut out gluten from the few ingredients left in my cooking arsenal.

My Question: Has anyone gone gluten-free in their diet? What benefits have you experienced?

Land Lines

So, I realize that “land lines” have become quite an issue for some people. I feel that a phone number is phone number, who cares if it is a land line or not, but some people look at you strangely if you say you don’t have a land line.

Seriously, am I the only one who no longer has a land line? Even my credit card company says that I have to call them from my home land line to activate my card… well, I don’t have one!

My Question: How many of you still have a land line and why?

Help… Sinus Headache

We officially have snow for the first time this winter and probably the last time. My kids have friends over (so now there is a total five overly stimulated little people in this house) and I find myself with a mind splitting headache caused by my sinus infection. AHHHHHH!

Now I’ve tried everything, from over the counter medicine to breathing steam with eucalyptus drops! I need help? I have to spend another nine hours, entertaining, crafting, cooking, sledding and god knows what else….

My Question: Does anyone have an instant remedy to cure my sinus-induced headache?

What is your secret?

Recently, a friend commented on how wonderful my marriage was and how we seemed like a perfect fit for each other. She wanted to know what our secret was? Well, little did she know how imperfectly matched we were. It’s hard work to make any marriage be successful, but add my husband’s unbelievably busy travel schedule and his grueling drinking schedule and it becomes almost impossible. It has taken us years to work out the kinks and both of us had to make compromises, but we now have a well oiled machine and our marriage runs so smoothly it takes very little effort.

The secret, I told my friend, was two things: 1) We make it a point to laugh every day, because laughter is great for the soul and humor keeps you young. 2) We both have to make an effort to be involved in each others interests/activities. This can be tricky depending on what your spouses interests are, and for me… it seemed almost impossible to engage in my husband’s number one past time (which is also his job)! Sometimes you just have to put on a beanie hat and throw one down in the name of marriage!

My Question: What is your secret to a successful marriage?

You love him more than me!

Ouch! My oldest daughter just stated what she believes in fact… that I love our son more than her. Even though she does have a sister as well, she is convinced that favoritism is at play in our home.

I’m stunned! Sitting at dinner with my three children, enjoying a beautiful meal and that is what she says to me. What is a mother to do? Unfortunately, for her I believe in 100% honesty at all times with my children no matter the topic! So, I info her that she is partially right… “see I love you all, but I love of each of you differently, because not one of you is identical and you all need, long for and demand different things from me. So while you may interpret my actions as favoritism, they are simply different expressions of love for different types of people.”

My Question: Has anyone had a similar conversation with their children? What was your answer?

My Sweet Valentine

“Two roads diverged in a wood
And I… I took the one less traveled by
And that has made all the difference.”

Our love has been a road less traveled and I am grateful for that every day!