Teaching… it’s a Privilege!

When I send my children off to school in the morning I expect a few things to happen:

1) They should have fun at school

2) They should feel inspired and challenged

3) They should be allowed to explore their passions

Is that too much to ask! I don’t want to hear why my second grader needs to take benchmark exams (which are more like midterm exams you take in college), simply because you want your school scores to test high so that you can receive more state funding. This is not why I send them to school and this is not the definition of teaching. If you have teachers who love to teach and do their job well… then get the hell out of their way and let them teach. If you have lousy teachers who do the bare minimum then fire them before they taint the minds of our children. An education is the right of every child, but teaching those children is a privilege.

My Question: If a doctor doesn’t do her job well and harms her patients she loses her license. So, why don’t the teachers who harm the education of our children lose their licenses?


Dudley’s Birthday Cake

Dudley, our Labrador, is turning 10 on Thursday and the kids (and I) have decided to throw him a birthday party. My husband thinks we’re crazy, because he has never heard of someone throwing a party for a dog… I think it’s pretty safe to assume that I’m operating a couple marbles short of a set.

So, we’re inviting our friends and their four-legged animals over for some cocktails and cake (dog cake that is)! Unfortunately, when it comes to cooking/baking for my dog I have to admit that I’m most definitely clueless.

My Question: Does anyone have a “dog-approved” recipe for a birthday cake for Dudley and his four-legged compadres?


Smoking in the car with your kids?

Let me get this straight… It’s illegal for me to drive without a seatbelt, but it’s ok for the woman driving next to me to smoke (with only one window cracked) with three small kids in the car!!! Are you f’ing kidding me. Part of me was almost compelled to jump out of the car and beat her senseless.

My Question: Is it okay for me to roll down my window and verbally chastise someone for smoking in the car with kids? (Feel free to include any witty insults I can use!)

To move it or not…

After careful deliberation, a $300 mounting kit and my husband dedicating four hours of his time, the the plasma TV was finally hanging over the fireplace in the living room. Initially, it was great… the whole family hanging out together in the living room, watching movies and eating popcorn. Now we have a beautiful finished basement with a family room and a fireplace and I thought to myself “that seems like a better place for the plasma TV.”

Now you can imagine the look on my husband’s disgruntled face this morning when I informed him that I wanted to move the plasma TV to the family room. He quickly replied, “This is why I drink for a living!” He feels that this endeavor would not be in his best interest on a Saturday and has asked me to come up with an alternative.

My Question: Should I bribe my husband (@stevemckennad ) with a case of Fat Tire Beer to dismount and remount the plasma TV in the family room or should I suck it up and by a new TV for the family room?

The Joy of a Bunk Bed

When we moved into our new home last fall my two daughters decided that they wanted to share a room. Let’s just say that the constant bickering and slamming of doors has been less than ideal, but hey… who am I to stand between sisterly love! To make my life that much easier, they decided that instead of receiving gifts from their grandparents for Christmas they wanted a bunk bed. At first I thought it was a great idea! It would give them so much more room to play and do crafts, but then the bunk bed arrived. Now mind you, this is a beautiful Catalina Bunk Bed from @PotteryBarnKids and it can come apart to form two twin beds later on (probably sooner rather than later), but I found myself struggling every morning to make the top bunk. The last thing I want to do is climb onto a bunk bed at 7:30 in the morning to perform a death-defying balancing act while trying to pull the bedding inch by inch in order to tuck it into the sides!


My Question: What is the easiest way to make the bed on the top bunk? (step-by-step instructions would be greatly appreciated)


Potty Training Again

Needless to say, this is not first potty training rodeo. It is however, my first attempt at potty training a little boy and none of my creative and tactful tricks seem to be working this time around.

My Question: How can I easily and effectively potty train a highly intelligent, CIA trained in potty avoidance two-year old boy?

So… I have Questions and I Need Answers!

I spend most of my day running around between errands, the kids, their activities, working and taking care of our lovely home. However, I constantly find myself asking questions that I desperately need the answer to! So, rather than spend countless hours looking for the answer online, I decided to start this blog and post whatever question(s) I have daily.

Hopefully, someone will take the time to share their two cents… but fair warning, some of these questions may be mundane, trivial, life-altering and most likely politically incorrect.