Do you AppleTV?

So, we made a decision last year to disconnect cable TV and simply have AppleTV, stream Netflix and access all our DVDs. I have to say that I have never been happier! Great selection of movies and TV shows and the best part is that I never have sit through another commercial. Not to mention that I don’t have any equipment (i.e. DVD player, cable box, etc).

Personally, the change has resulted in less TV watching as a whole and more time spent playing with the kids, going out with friends and pursuing personal interests. Over the last few months I have seen more and more friends make the exact switch, which leads me to wonder…

My Question: Do the people who watch TV streamed, like through AppleTV, find that they have more time in their day to do the things they like?


One thought on “Do you AppleTV?

  1. We gave up “regular” tv years ago and found it liberating because it gave us time to read, engage with each other and not mindlessly watch tv or be a slave to it… Which is exactly what we had become without even realizing it. It was often on in the background or we would just switch it on just out of habit. Now we use a Roku player to stream Amazon prime and Netflix and it has to be a much more deliberate decision and when we do watch, it is often higher quality programming. And with a child in the picture, I feel like he is much better off not being exposed to advertising!

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