Teaching… it’s a Privilege!

When I send my children off to school in the morning I expect a few things to happen:

1) They should have fun at school

2) They should feel inspired and challenged

3) They should be allowed to explore their passions

Is that too much to ask! I don’t want to hear why my second grader needs to take benchmark exams (which are more like midterm exams you take in college), simply because you want your school scores to test high so that you can receive more state funding. This is not why I send them to school and this is not the definition of teaching. If you have teachers who love to teach and do their job well… then get the hell out of their way and let them teach. If you have lousy teachers who do the bare minimum then fire them before they taint the minds of our children. An education is the right of every child, but teaching those children is a privilege.

My Question: If a doctor doesn’t do her job well and harms her patients she loses her license. So, why don’t the teachers who harm the education of our children lose their licenses?


3 thoughts on “Teaching… it’s a Privilege!

  1. I support your say. My sister loves dancing n drawing. When she draw fir awhile, she tends to take short break just to have a 5 sec dance n go back to her drawing. But her teacher have since called up my mom n complain to my mom bout that n haf asked my mom to make her stop dancing. Point is, my sis dance to get inspirations. She doesnt even bother other kids around n shes not noisy even. She wud juz circle her chair n dats it. Its such a pity that this teacher doesnt seem to b able to c her strength. Now she is not into dancing n drawing! She starts to hate school coz she feels that school is boring n no fun.. Haizx..

  2. I encourage you to contact your local politician and explain your stance. Unfortunately, teachers have to deal with policies that are made by people that are not in education. Their decisions greatly effect the day to day life of students and teachers. Education reform starts with you…

  3. Wow – the title caught my eye as I do believe it is a privelege to teach. I always tell students they are their parents most IMPORTANT and VALUABLE item, which is why they go to school and learn. I have always wanted involved parents who support the process of education, not he testing and other ridiculous ‘lack of proof of anything at all indicators’. About six years ago I left education in the classroom when testing became too vogue and teachers were no longer able to give a Piagetian anecdotal report to a parent to state where a child was developmentally and what the next steps were to be. I wish I had your kids in my science class!

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