To move it or not…

After careful deliberation, a $300 mounting kit and my husband dedicating four hours of his time, the the plasma TV was finally hanging over the fireplace in the living room. Initially, it was great… the whole family hanging out together in the living room, watching movies and eating popcorn. Now we have a beautiful finished basement with a family room and a fireplace and I thought to myself “that seems like a better place for the plasma TV.”

Now you can imagine the look on my husband’s disgruntled face this morning when I informed him that I wanted to move the plasma TV to the family room. He quickly replied, “This is why I drink for a living!” He feels that this endeavor would not be in his best interest on a Saturday and has asked me to come up with an alternative.

My Question: Should I bribe my husband (@stevemckennad ) with a case of Fat Tire Beer to dismount and remount the plasma TV in the family room or should I suck it up and by a new TV for the family room?


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