Smoking in the car with your kids?

Let me get this straight… It’s illegal for me to drive without a seatbelt, but it’s ok for the woman driving next to me to smoke (with only one window cracked) with three small kids in the car!!! Are you f’ing kidding me. Part of me was almost compelled to jump out of the car and beat her senseless.

My Question: Is it okay for me to roll down my window and verbally chastise someone for smoking in the car with kids? (Feel free to include any witty insults I can use!)


3 thoughts on “Smoking in the car with your kids?

  1. I can’t believe how many people drive in a car smoking with their kids. It is such close quarters and those poor kids have no choice but to breathe that horrible, smelly, life-threatening second hand smoke. I also believe in seat belt laws – but can’t believe how parents are able to smoke in cars with children. Some don’t even open the windows a crack – totally selfish!

  2. I think its perfectly acceptable for you to roll down your window and let her know what you think. This act is completely selfish and inconsiderate. I have said some choice words to people before about smoking with kids and also people who leave animals locked in their cars-cold or hot weather. Plan your day around your kids and animals, its not too much to ask.

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