Dog diet

Apparently, Dudley (our 10 year old Labrador) has mysteriously put on weight in the last couple of weeks, even though his diet has remained the same. Since he just survived mast-cell cancer tumors and reached a pinnacle age for labs, I’m considering changing his dog food from Science Diet to some other brand.

My Question: Does anyone have any good suggestions of dog food brands for older dogs that will help him stay slim?


Don’t do that…

So, I started this blog simply to have a place to pose my questions (no matter how trivial or life-altering they may be) and to connect/engage with people in a way that I would never have been able to in my every day life. What I find interesting is that someone would read one of my post and then publish it on their blog in order to verbally bash me.

First of all, if you have something to say then write it on my blog or contact me directly. Secondly, who are you to judge me and the stances I take on the education of my children. I am teacher by trade and have a great affinity for teachers and the education system as a whole. I know exactly the barriers that my daughter’s teacher’s are up against and the lack of freedom they are allowed on daily basis with their students and the inability to be creative with the daily curriculum due to the constraints imposed by their district, the state and federal laws. Thirdly, don’t assume anything about anyone… it makes you come off as an uneducated jerk who doesn’t know the first thing about expanding on ideas, creating a dialogue and respecting other people’s opinions.

Now, back to the task at hand! One of my children is interested in going to an independent school, a Waldorf School to be specific, and I wanted to know…

My Question: Does anyone have any personal experience with the Waldorf schools (pros or cons)?

Do you AppleTV?

So, we made a decision last year to disconnect cable TV and simply have AppleTV, stream Netflix and access all our DVDs. I have to say that I have never been happier! Great selection of movies and TV shows and the best part is that I never have sit through another commercial. Not to mention that I don’t have any equipment (i.e. DVD player, cable box, etc).

Personally, the change has resulted in less TV watching as a whole and more time spent playing with the kids, going out with friends and pursuing personal interests. Over the last few months I have seen more and more friends make the exact switch, which leads me to wonder…

My Question: Do the people who watch TV streamed, like through AppleTV, find that they have more time in their day to do the things they like?

Mayan Calendar

My kids are watching a Nova special on the Mayan Calendar. I’m pretty sure that this is not an age appropriate documentary for a 6 and 7 year old, but since my kids watch Harry Potter and the Bourne Trilogy… I’m pretty sure the effects will be minimal.

However, I’m getting a little scared by watching this documentary. According to their hieroglyphics the world is going to end this year! I’m starting to realize that I haven’t crossed off as much as I would’ve liked from my bucket list.

My Question: If the world was going to end this year, what is the one thing you would like to do?

“Mom… You need to make some friends!”

That’s what my oldest daughter said to me. More specifically, I need to make friends with the other moms in her class so she can have more play dates. My daughter asked me, “Why can’t you just call up some of the other moms and have a play date with them?” I tried to explain to her that its not that easy, when you get older things change and you make friends in a different way and she simply responded, “Why?”

I thought about this for awhile and I couldn’t come up with an answer. Why had it become so difficult or different to make friends now that I am an adult? Why can’t I just go up to someone, the way my kids approach other kids in the park, and introduce myself and invite them for coffee or a glass of wine? Some part of me feels as if I have been duped by the social networks and their promise off connection and friendship, and that there is no reason that I should simply connect with people online. Think of all the people I could meet when I’m out by myself or with my children.

So, I’m going to take my seven year old daughter’s advice… I’m going to make new friends with other moms, dads and people I meet. Life is too short to simply stick with the small circle of friends I have nurtured throughout the years. My children make new friends and have new experiences every day and just because I’m an adult doesn’t mean I can’t approach my life with the same enthusiasm and curiosity.

My Question: Who wants to be friends? Drinks? Coffee?

When to serve Cava?


We had our dog’s 10th birthday party tonight and it went off without a hitch. Dogs and kids all had a great time, as did the adults! As the children dined on pizza and juice boxes, the adults indulged in some wonderful Pinot Noir, but as always everything comes to an end and we ran out of Pinot Noir!

C’est pas possible! Being that I am French this is sacrilege! What was I to do? As I searched through the fridge I found an amazing bottle of Cava (sparkling Spanish wine), which goes great with tapas by the way!

My Question: Is it appropriate to serve Cava (without tapas at dog’s birthday party)?

Design Ideas

So, I’m in the process of updating the kids’ rooms and I am completely disappointed by the lack of selection at local stores. I was looking for some modern rugs, bookshelves, lighting, etc… I found nothing. I happen to love IKEA when it comes to buying things for the kids, because I don’t care too much if they break something, cover it with crayons or spill drinks on the furniture, but I am annoyed that their online shopping selection is very limited and it cost a fortune for them to ship anything to me anyway. I’m extremely frustrated that I can’t order anything from IKEA!

My Question: Where can I find “IKEA-like” furniture and decor for my kids rooms?

Dad… What is heaven like?

Our daughter asked her father a very poignant question… “What is heaven like?” I knew that these questions would soon arise, especially since she learned that my father was no longer alive. Yet, I was amazed by her candor and her humor.

I wasn’t home when the discussion arose, but from what my husband told me it went a little like this:

“Dad, What do you think heaven is like?”
“I’m not sure honey. What do you think heaven is like?”
“Do you think there is gold everywhere?”
“I think heaven is whatever you want it to be.”
“Fine Dad! I’ll just google it!”

My Question: When did “google” become part of my children’s vocabulary and what happened to going to the library to look things up in an encyclopedia?


As funny as it is to “shhhshhh” my husband and constantly poke, hit and shake him while he’s snoring… It’s starting to annoy me.

My Question: Does anyone have any good tips on how to stop his snoring? (I’ll also accept any ideas on funny and torturous things I can do to him while he snores).